Transformers & Reactors

Manufacturing Oil immersed Transformers in Iran Transfo Corporation is commencing from 1967 by using Siemens-Germany knowhow and advance machines. Cast resin Dry type Transformer is other product of Iran Transfo Corporation. These transformers are manufacturing in accordance with the latest version of domestic and International standards including: BS, DIN, and IEC. Our Transformers range is starting from 25 KVA up to 500 MVA and the voltage level up to 420kV.

High quality is identification of our transformers and keeping this quality level is the main strategy of this corporation. We have been certified about quality management system (OHSAS, ISO 9001-2008, and ISO 14001) and our transformers has been type tested and special tested in international independent labs like: KEMA and CESI.   

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Substations & Cabinets

In this type Per base, body, doors and walls made of concrete or sheet metal sandwich panel and all internal components that are assembled in conformity with the relevant standards. These posts protection (IP) in accordance with customer requirements and international standards and environmental conditions, natural ventilation and forced ventilation for emergency situations (using the fan and thermostat) will be considered. Pdmantd Posts: half of all oil bearing Technical specifications: Mantd pad posts due to their very small dimensions suitable for places where installation space is limited posts. Degree of protection IP54 and these posts are designed to be portable 1600KVA. Post Pdmantd all the oil in medium voltage switches with saving and backup fuses and transformers as well as the active part are inside a tank.

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Equipment & Materials

As a member of the Iranian company Pars electrical insulation transformers, a famous international manufacturer in the production of components of the insulation system of power transformers, distribution and gender specific Ashban presses, wood and paper insulation is compressed. Ashban press for the production of insulating parts of tooling and molds used for. For regular check product quality testing of mechanical or physical, optical, is used.

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New Products

Innovation and new products:

  • Design, manufacture, test and transportation of the largest single phase transformers for export market with voltage ratio 400/132/33kV and rating 200MVA for each phase, which totally is a transformer bank with 600MVA rating, the total weight of each single phase transformer is 269 ton. 
  • Design, manufacture, test, installation and commissioning of first shunt reactor with voltage 400kV and rating 50MVA.
  • Design and manufacturing the first low noise transformer, suitable to use in residential areas with voltage ratio 63/20kV and rating 40MVA.
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