After Sales Services


Iran Transfo Group In order to provide a proper and centralized services to clients of supplied distribution (dry and oil-immersed), medium and large power transformers, Iran Transfo After Sales Services Co. was established in Sep. 2004.


 After sales services Co. "benefiting professional and experienced personnel,

Remarkable facilities as well as involving reliable manufacturers" presents its capabilities in the fields of after sales services, consulting, technical, engineering support and equipment supply.

Having used a centralized and organized plan, the range of ITASS services belongs to both domestic and overseas markets.




- Transportation precautions

- Installation of distribution, medium and large power transformers

- Expert supervision on installation and commissioning of transformer at site

- Minor and major repairing of transformer.

- Evaluation and execution of modifications on transformer structure.

- Transformer oil treatment at site.

- Drying of transformer active part at site.

- Maintenance of transformer.

- Transformers and oil tests.

- Training and workshop tours (Transformers and MR On-Load Tap Changer).

-Transformer spare parts

-Maintenance and repairing of MR On-Load Tap Changer and

 Spare parts