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Company Profile

Iran Trans Co. was established in 1967 under license of SIEMENS_GERMANY as a manufacture of oil-immersed distribution, Power and large power transformers with the primary objective of designing, evaluating and manufacturing of a type of transformers according to the international standards of IEC 60076 VDE 0532.
Iran Transfo Corporation today, is comprised of 13 companies and collaborates closely with more than 100 subcontractors in Iran and other countries for manufacturing: all kinds of substations, insulation materials, ceramic insulators and accessories such as radiators, off circuit tap changers, dehydrating breathers, paper insulated copper conductors, Transformer and industrial oil and solvents beside all kinds of oil-immersed and dry-type transformers. Iran Transfo has obtained ISO-9001, SIEMENS AG EV TWN IEO, ELIN Transformations GmbH and KEMA short-circuit test certificates.