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Installation Transformer

Installation Transformer

Installation of distribution, medium and large power transformers

Transformers of Iran Transfo Corporation are being designed and manufactured based on the customer's order in two types of indoor and outdoor which are capable to install on both skidding supports and specific foundation.

The following items should be considered (checked) during installation operation:

- Correct function of ventilation system

- Insulation distances in indoor installations

- Leveling of foundation and resistance against earthquake.

- Humidity resistance

- Reliable fixing of transformer on foundation

Components, connections and accessories of oil-immersed transformers should be separately transported and then dismounted and installed at site, ITASS Co., benefiting professional, skillful and experienced personnel, carry out the following operations using Iran Transfo instructions:

- Radiator

- Conservator

- Turrets and bushings

- Piping

- Protection and controlling instruments

- Control cabinet


- Air bag

- Breather

- OLGM (on line gas monitoring) device

Sequentially, vacuum, filling and oil treatment are done after installation process.