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Test Transformers


Test, Transformers

Performs after installation. This issue is being done through commissioning and performance tests in accordance with IEC as well as manufacturer's controlling and protective instruments instructions, in order to assure correct installation and performance of controlling and protective instruments and indicators. ITASS Co. experts carry out this important task using advanced, calibrated measuring instruments complied with international standards IEC, BS, DIN and provide relevant check lists and commissioning of transformers.

Some tests and operations are pointed as follows:

- Measurement of voltage ratio on all taps of tap changer

- Check of phase displacement

- Measurement of windings resistance (L.V & H.V)

- Insulation resistance test (megger test)

- Measurement of capacity of condenser and tg δ winding and bushing

- Measurement of frequency response windings

- Measurement of no-Load current

- Functional test of tap changer and commissioning motor drive

- Signaling test of all protection and controlling equipment placed on


- Check of earthing connections

- Check of proper installation of equipment and accessories

- Releasing air accumulated in buchholz relay, tank and pipes radiators, bushings, reservoir of tap changer, O.L.T.C and pressure relief valve

- Oil dielectric strength test

- Gas Chromatography (GC) test